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Safety First by rufftoon

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Safety First by rufftoon

"hey! i saw your post on the life is feudal tag. if you still want to play you can join the "Canada Server (Dedicated)" sever. the people on there are very friendly and helped me out a bunch of times. i play on there as Selena, if you ever run into me."

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Sweet. I’ll check it out if I can. LiF has been a bit buggy/slow for me. Never seems to want to scroll down in the server page without jumping right back to the start again, so hopefully I’ll be able to get onto it. I’ve just been playing on the GloGaming RP server as because it’s the most stable for me and I can usually get to it in the list.

I’ve been playing on there as Skippy Jingles, but you can add me on Steam if you want. My ID on there is charredquill.


The historical pirate Mary Read. A woman who pretended to be a man so that she could be a pirate.
Obviously had some fun with hand lettering too.
Weston T. Jones ©

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The historical pirate Mary Read. A woman who pretended to be a man so that she could be a pirate.

Obviously had some fun with hand lettering too.

Weston T. Jones ©

Do any of you guys play Life is Feudal on Steam? I wanna play with some people who aren’t going to kill me on sight. I couldn’t figure out how to draw my weapon and the dude killed me. =[

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I always imagined The Dreaming as a game, and I can see the action scenes and the FMVs so clearly in my head.

Because of that I always look for ambient music/soundtracks etc that fit the type of music I think would be used. 

I found this :)

Also a great example of all the different sounds a Didgeridoo can make, if you were having trouble imagining how it sounded when Old Johnson was playing one. I love the deep, deep undertones you can hear when he takes the longer didge.

Also, he’s a great example of a more rhythmic-track that mixes modern drums and synth in (definitely contains photographs of people that have passed away). 

It’s funny that you should say that you imagined it as a game. I did too, only instead of a Tomb Raider based one, it was purely aboriginal themed around the time just before and as white people are coming to Australia, and features themes like with the cave paintings coming to life and stuff. It’d be an open world kind of thing where you go hunting and learn about bush tucker and educate people about those aspects of aboriginal culture without them realizing it.

I really wish I had the ability to make games, or I’d totally be up for helping you turn it into one. Unfortunately I’m just full of ideas and words and not enough practical ability.

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i hope that one day when the human race is extinct aliens show up on earth and this is the only remainder of our existence they find

Imagine having this as yearbook photos. That’d be awesome. And you’d have a great excuse for looking weird when you one day show your offspring your school photos.

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Ground the Tides

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Mary’s been away and comes home to Anne.

Written for the prompt: imagine mary kissing anne and anne like jfc is that blood on your lips get them away from me you mad woman

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Ugh. There’s never enough Anne/Mary fanfics. I’m probably going to have to write my own one day. I have this awesome idea for Mary’s life before she got into piracy. If I ever manage to finish my current fics I might end up doing it.

Oh well, at least bansheesquad has it covered for now.

Fair Maiden
Mary Read (well Olivia Morgan but you know)

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In case any of you ever wanted to hear Mary sing.

My Most Embarrassing Moment - mytoecold (Drew Monson)

This is fucking hilarious. xD I don’t even know how to describe these videos. Just watch them.